Too Cool To Care is Lolie Ware's one-women comedy show.

Most people wouldn't put comedy and caring together unless you've heard the expression, 'If you don't laugh you'll cry.'

It's amazing the giggles you can have in a hospital waiting room. Lolie Ware's show is an honest representation of her life as a carer, shattering the image that to care you must be overweight, undateable with no ambition and have an unhealthy addiction to coffee mornings and cake.

To survive being a carer means living outside the rules of society, which Lolie has learnt to do with a certain flare. Spell check doesn't even recoginse the word 'carer'!

Lolie takes you on a very personal journey, so be prepared for a stair lift ride of emotions and to laugh at all the things you shouldn't.